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About Your Profile

  1. We reserve the right to edit or alter information on the terms and conditions of this site at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to check on the terms and conditions regularly
  2. All information on this site is accessible by Google and all search engines. Please understand, this is a public website and all information is accessible by Google and other search engines. Personal information and images may or may not appear on Google and other search engines.
  3. This is public site that Google crawls and that includes images and those images may appear on the web
  4. We can not control Google or other search engines and what they choose to publish. If this is of concern to you, we highly recommend you DO NOT USE this site and seek an alternative service.
  5. It is by law required that you must be at least 18 years of age to use this dating site
  6. Your profile must be accurate at all times. False details consistently reported by others members to our admin will have your account banned without question.
  7. Nothing offensive is to be written within your profile. You will be warned on offensive profile names. If not corrected account will be banned
  8. You are not publish personal information in your profile such as your name, address, phone numbers or any information that risks your privacy to other members on this site or exposure to search engines. This is a public website accessible by search engines. This includes information and images. It is solely your responsibility to ensure your privacy by information you publish within your profile which is again accessible by search engines
  9. You are not to promote outside entities such as businesses or websites on your profile.

About Your Messaging

  1. Messages that highly offensive, threatening or not of character will not be tolerated
  2. You are not permitted promote businesses or websites through messaging.
  3. Please be careful about distributing personal details first hand without being confident of your Chat mates or being a confirmed friend

About Your Photographs & Images

  1. Images that are illegal or deemed to be of illegal activities will be removed and you will be warned by email to refrain from such actions
  2. No explicit or images of a sexual nature anywhere on your profile. This is not a porn site. We are trying to promote a safe and well natured dating site with sincere and discreet members
  3. Images are to be of yourself and no one else or any images that pertain to copyright laws. This is a live website on the web which Google crawls. We can not control what information or images Google chooses to publish on the web at any given time. Please take note, that if you don’t wish to have you information known by others, it may not be possible for you to list on any dating site.

About Premium Memberships

  1. Premium membership is a monthly/quarterly/bi-yearly/yearly subscription charged between: Free Package equals Free Chat 4-9 PM / Free Video equals Video Cam time between 6-9 PM / Silver Package 3 Months 79.95 / Bronze Package 6 Months 110.95 / Gold Package full 12 Months 163.95. Paid subscriptions are full unlimited access
  2. Premium memberships are for members who wish to have unlocked and full access to the sites features
  3. Premium memberships will automatically debit your credit card or Pay Pal account every month to the extent of your signed up membership.
  4. Once you have taken up membership status you will be automatically upgraded. Refunds are not available, even if you decide to cancel your account before its membership expiration. If you do cancel and wish to reapply, you will be charged a full membership again so please decide carefully before cancelling your account.


Standard Use Of This Websites And Prohibited Actions by Members

It is strictly not allowed and unacceptable at all times for anyone to :

  1. harass any members upon this site or  stalk anyone
  2. Break any legally binding laws
  3. Physically injure anyone as a result of contact through this site
  4. Damage any property including violating IP Laws
  5. Purposely mislead other members through false profiles or any spoof sites
  6. Misuse anyone’s personal information for other than legitimate use.
  7. misuse anyone’s personal, health or sensitive information, as defined by the Privacy Act 1988;
  8. Engage in any spam acts as defined by the spam act of 2003
  9. Purposely hack someone elses computer to obtain personal information
  10. Allow Minors under the age of 18 to appear in any profiles or on this site
  11. Purposely attempt to inflict viruses or worms
  12. Create electronic messages ( spoofing ) to conceal the real  identity of the member from whom it originates
  13. Interfere with any blog newsroom website or chat room
  14. use a remote system (such as a mail server or proxy server) for sending data
  15. Utilise a service such as a mail server or proxy server by unauthorised third parties for the transmission of data
  16. Be in Control of or  also contribute to a Denial of any Service attack
  17. Solicit information from other members on this site for anything other than legitimate use of this site

Send, display or publish material which:

  1. is otherwise offensive to members or not appropriate
  2. Is otherwise intended to be defamatory to other members
  3. Would violate other people’s IP rights
  4. is very likely to create sexual, religious or racial intolerance or incite violence or discrimination against other members
  5. Must not contain images other than yourself
  6. Must not appear to have members in uniform or displaying Company uniforms or Gov uniforms of any type
  7. No tools of torture of any kind to be displayed on this website

Intellectual Property Laws

All information published on this website by members is the sole responsibility of the member publishing information. Mygayfind will not be held responsible for any information you post about personal information or images that are under IP or copyright laws which you may have copied yourself.

any intellectual property created while using the site rests solely with the person or member who created the account – but you grant mygayfind an unlimited, royalty free licence to use and display anything which you create or post on the sites at any given time

You must make contact with  us immediately if it is brought to your attention any advertising or Personal Profile on this website which infringes any intellectual IP rights of any third party.

Information listed on this website can be redistributed by you or anyone else. You are not permitted to retransmit, reproduce, distribute, publish, sell, , broadcast or circulate any information what so ever on this website

Explaining IP Laws ‘intellectual property’ includes all patents, copyright, anything as a registered designs, registered and possible even unregistered trademarks, trade secrets from persons or companies, business logos, personal or business domain names, or other information as defined in Article 2 of the Convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation of July 1967. It is not any different if it was created now or after this agreement, and whether or not it exists in Australia or a foreign country.


Paid memberships are non refundable either in part or in whole and are non transferable to any other member, members or website or websites that we operate or control