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Met my man 3 months ago from this site. I never knew how easy it was once I signed up and went straight to chatroom. From there I met my guy and it has just been one gravy night after another since. Can’t wait till gay marriage is legalised so we can wed. This dating site has been the biggest blessing in finding my gay match online




Wow wow wow what a dating site this has been !! From loneliness living by myself for the last 2 years to sudden love from a gay meet online. My lover has made me his bitch and we just can’t get enough from one another. Mygayfind in my opinion was a lottery win in finding the man of my dreams and even some gay guys online for the group thing




Hey there, this free to join gay dating site has been excellent in helping me meet my next relationship. I’ve always looked for someone with the same interest as me and I think I have finally found him. I never imagined joining a gay dating site would make such a difference. The new man in my life is quite the meal ticket and I wouldn’t have it any other way

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As the saying says, a a stiff cock has no conscience and damn right it is. My new kick off in my life is going just swell thanks to MGF

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Hi there guys and gals. Thank you for signing me up to this site. I haven’t quite found the boy of my dreams just yet but I’ve already got a few after me already. I’m only looking for a serious relationship but with time here, I know I will find one. Meeting gay men online is fun when you find the right dating site

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Hi everyone. Fantastic gay dating site. Best decision signing up. Especially with free chat. Well done, I’m going to enjoy doing the rounds here

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I only joined this site about two weeks ago. I wasnt expecting much to be honest but this site is very much like a forum almost. So many great people to talk to, especially for casual gay sex, WOW !! . I was only looking for casual sex but after having spoken to a couple of boys my age here, I’ve already gone out with one and he was just so fine. Didn’t expect much but got way more than I expected from using a gay dating site. Fantastic outcome

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Unlike many other sites, I have found many of the guys here to be down to earth and understand what I am looking for in my love life. I’ve had some casual hookups but I also met them n of my dreams here as well. Things could not be better from a gay relationship point of view

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Ive met some really fantastic guys here. I love clubbing on weekends and I have found a group of fanatstic people to hang with and one which I have my eye on so far. Certainly worth the experience from a gay dating reviews point

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