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Here for Love

Last online September 28, 2018 1:14 am

Created By HereForLove

Gender Gay
Age 55
Online Status Offline

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

For me, it’s who you ARE (being) that is of greater intrigue and interest rather than what you DO (your activities), though I am interested in knowing these things about you as well.

As one of the first questions we are often asked is “what do you do”, perhaps this will help..?

Glancing backwards through my life you’ll see that acting, tarot reading/counselling, ticket selling, play writing, screenplay writing and filmaking have been experiences I’ve enjoyed along the way.

There are two other things that form the “pillars” on which I am built…

Love (and all the variations this inspires) along with my Heart and Soul’s evolution.

Who and how you have come to be the amazing Being that you are will always be fascinating to me. Naturally, the things you’ve done play a part of this and are an externalization of who you are, but it’s the Heart and Soul of you that I will want to be/feel connected with, and hopefully, someday, Love.

What I will value about you is…

💠 your shining heart over glistening abs (though I will respect these as well)

💠 your self-awareness over self-centeredness

💠 your gentle touch over rough handedness

💠 your capacity for inclusive intimacy over self-protection

💠 your curious mind over knowing everything

💠 your being a man who prefers the “top bunk” (I’m a “bottom bunk” specialist lol) and has the inherent ability to make-love over impersonating a porn star

💠 your soulfull eyes over empty ones

💠 your respectful desire to discuss challenges that may come over needing to be right or please your self

💠 your love-filled kisses over, well, almost over anything else lol, and

💠 your knowing that Love and a life together is a co-creation and we are both creators of everything that happens

What I am here for is…by now, I hope, is not going to come as any surprise.



A life lived with our Love for each other solidly at the heart of it.

A wonderful man who inspires me to Love him with all I am capable of, who has a heart that is freely open to receiving my love, and, who in turn has a heart full of Love to shine onto me.

If you also just happen to love to dance, can teach me ballroom/latin dance and/or would like to learn with me, that would be a wonderful gift.

Relationship Single
Country AU
Height 183cm
Education Some college
State New South Wales
City Blackheath
Drinks Socially
Smokes Never