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Created By Jimmy Stacy

Gender Gay
Age 45
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My life is great!! I’ve been in a career I love for over 20 yrs, I have got an amazing cat, my life is great and now it’s time for me to rediscover me…as a single man… in the beginning of singleness, that scared me…now, I feel empowered and know that somewhere out there, waits not an ordinary, but…extra -ordinary man for me. I’m faithful to my beliefs but not forceful to others, I’m quick to help people I love everybody. I believe in being kind to every one even in a world where that’s becoming hard to find.I love getting physical – being outdoors, ideally hiking, camping, or as they say in Aotearoa, tramping, at least a couple of times a year.Rock climbing, circuit training, dabble in running,swimming,boxing and Karaoke…Oh and i am a huge supporter of football.Restless, in some ways – ready for a change… learn another language and let it take me where it wants to go… ( with a bit more intent than that suggests) or become more anchored.I’m 45 years old,i have strong family values and i was raised in the old fashioned way,so i learned the importance of family, good values and morals that are lacking in today’s society.I try hard to make a nice home and appreciate what I have. Im a pretty laid back guy. Consider myself to be one of the nicer guys around… I think i’m focused and on the way to where I want to be in life. Love working out .Permit me to say that all i am looking for is a super partner, who, we will adore each other…start as friends and end as lover,soul mate.Thanks for reading my profile .

Relationship Single
Country AU
Height 188cm
State New South Wales
Education Master
City Sydney
Drinks Social
Smokes Never
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